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  • Corydoras Panda

    Corydoras panda  Nijssen & Isbrücker, 1971Common Name(s)Panda CoryPanda Corydoras, Panzerwels (Germany)Type LocalityAquas Amarillas, trib. of Río Pachitea, Río Ucayali system, Huanuco, Peru.PronunciationKory DOOR ass - PANN dahEtymologyCory = helmet, doras =...
  • Corydoras Julii

    Scientific Name : Corydoras juliiCommon Names : Julii Corydoras, Leopard Corydoras, Julii CoryCare Level : EasySize : to 2 inches (5.2 cm)Water Parameters : pH 6 - 8 | Temperature...
  • Glass Catfish

    The "Phantom Glass Catfish" is often identified as "Kryptopterus bicirrhis", but the ones offered for sale are more likely to be "Kryptopterus minor", a similar but rather smaller species.  ...
  • Siamese Algae Eater

    Common name: Siamese algae eater, Siamese flying fox, Flying fox, Siamese fox Scientific name: Crossocheilus siamensisMax size: 6 inches / 15 cmpH: 6.5-7 (tolerates a much larger range span)Temperature: 75-79˚F...
  • Pictus Catfish

  • Corydoras Bronze

    Corydoras aeneus  (Gill, 1858)Common Name(s)Bronze CoryAlbino Cory, Bronze Catfish, Bronze Corydoras, Panzerwels (Germany)Type LocalityTrinidad Island, West Indies.Synonym(s)Callichthys aeneus, Corydoras macrosteus, Corydoras microps, Hoplosoma aeneumPronunciationKory DOOR ass - ah NAY ussEtymologyCory =...
  • Cory Peppered

    Peppered Cory Cat's are native to the streams and tributaries of South America, where they can be found living along river banks and river beds. They spend the vast majority...
  • Algae Eater Gold

    The Chinese Algae Eater comes from Asia and has a slender body and is golden to brown in color. A darker stripe runs horizontally and is either solid or broken...
  • Cory Albino

    Common Name: Albino Corydoras CatfishScientific Name: Corydoras AeneusAverage Adult Fish Size: 2 inches / 5 cmPlace of Origin: Amazon, South America.Typical Tank Setup: These bottom dwellers will like plenty of...
  • Small Bristlenose Catfish Standard

    Bristlenose Catfish certainly have become very popular aquarium fish over the years. They’ll only grow to about 12 to 15 cm which means they can easily be housed with most...
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