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  • Green Reef Chromis

    The Blue Green Reef Chromis is easy to care for, beautiful, and peaceful. In fact, Chromis viridis is one of the preferred marine reef fish amongst aquarists, regardless of their...
  • Powder Brown Tang

    The Powder Brown Tang, also known as the Powder Brown Surgeonfish, Japan Surgeonfish, and White-faced Surgeonfish, has a brown body with a white mark on the cheek between the mouth...
  • Clown Tang small 6 cm

    The Clown Tang, also known as the Clown Surgeonfish, Lined Surgeonfish, or Blue-banded Surgeonfish, has horizontal blue striping on a bright yellow to orange background. It also has large peduncle...
  • Moorish Idol

    The Moorish Idol is also commonly known in Hawaii as "Kihikihi" which means "curves," "corners," or "zigzags," and refers to its shape and color pattern. It is the only member...
  • Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse

    The bluestreak cleaner wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) is one of several species of cleaner wrasse found on coral reefs in the Indian Ocean and much of the Pacific Ocean, as well...
  • Copperband Butterflyfish

    The Copperband Butterflyfish, also known as the Beaked Butterflyfish, Beaked Coralfish, or Orange Stripe Butterfly, has a long, narrow nose and mouth used for hunting into crevices and holes for...
  • Long Nose Butterfly

    The Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish inhabits the Indo-Pacific and Eastern Pacific. In the Indo-Pacific, the species is found from East Africa and the Red Sea to Hawaii and the Easter Islands....
  • Blue Jaw Trigger Pair

    he Blue Jaw Triggerfish, also known as Bluechin Triggerfish, Blue throat or Gilded Triggerfish, is grayish-brown, covered with light-blue spots. The fins are edged in yellow. The male of the...
  • Blue Tang Tiny 3 To 4 Cm

    Paracanthurus hepatus has a royal blue body, yellow tail, and black 'palette' design. The lower body is yellow in the west-central Indian OceanIt grows to 30 cm (12 in.). This...
  • Unicorn Tang Juv

    The Blue Unicorn Tang, also known as the Spotted Unicornfish, originates from the pristine waters surrounding Hawaii. They are silver as a juvenile, and with age, gradually darken into a...
  • Bannerfish

    The Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish, also known as Longfin Bannerfish, has a very elongated white dorsal filament It has a base color of white with two wide black stripes...
  • Zebra Moray Eel

    The Zebra Moray Eel is an eyecatching and extremely docile species that derives its name from the bold pattern of bars on its body. The Zebra Moray Eel is an...
  • Tomato Clown

    The Cinnamon Clownfish, also known as the Black Anemonefish, Red and Black Anemonefish, or the Red and Black Clownfish, has a reddish-brown base color with a white stripe behind the...
  • Semilarvatus Butterflyfish

    The Golden Semilarvatus Butterflyfish, also known as the Golden Butterflyfish or Red-lined Butterflyfish, is bright yellow with a series of closely-spaced orange stripes on the sides, and a dark blue-gray...
  • Queen Angelfish Adult

    The adult Queen Angelfish overall body color can be described as blue to bluegreen with yellow rims on its scales. Their pectoral fins and ventral fins are also yellow but...
  • Percula Clown Large

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