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  • Nyos Reefer Magnesium Test Kit

    Nyos Magnesium Reefer Test KitHigh sensitivity seawater magnesium test kiteasy conversion factoraccurately to 15mg/lprecise dosing tipprecise colour changeseparate indicator and titration solutionNumber of Tests:50 MAGNESIUM REEFER NYOS REEFER test kits...
  • Seachem Marine Basic

    This kit combines the Marine pH & Alkalinity, Ammonia and Nitrite & Nitrate kits into one kit.
  • Seachem Multitest Iodine And Iodide

    Seachem MultiTest, This kit measures iodine or iodide to less than 0.005 mg/L. MultiTest™Iodine/Iodide performs over 75 tests and contains a reference sample for validation
  • Seachem Multitest Ammonia

    Seachem MultiTest, AmmoniaThis kit measures total (NH3 and NH4+) and free ammonia (NH3 only) down to less than 0.05 mg/L and is virtually interference free in marine and fresh water....
  • Salifert Nitrite TEST KITS

    Nitrite testingNitrite is a substance that is toxic to fish and invertebrates.It is a misconception that once a tank is through its cycle (first 3 or 4 weeks) that nitrite...
  • Salifert Nitrate TEST KITS

    When an aquarium has insufficient regions deprived of oxygen (= anaerobic zones) or denitrification proceeds incompletely then nitrate will build-up.A too high nitrate concentration can result in unwanted algae-growth and...
  • Aquaforest Test Pro Calcium

    Aquaforest TestPro Calcium is designed to quickly measure the concentration of Calcium in marine water. Calcium plays an important role in many biological processes, e.g. takes part in the construction of...
  • Nyos Nitrate Reefer Test Kit

    Nyos Nitrate Reefer Test KitHigh sensitivity seawater nitrate test kithighly sensitive reagentsprofessionally calibrated colour chartdifferentiated colour gradationsprecise sliding comparatorsample tubes made of glassNumber of Tests:40 Measurement Range: 1 - 160...
  • Seachem Multi Test Copper

    This kit measures copper (all types) to less than 0.01mg/L in marine or freshwater. Uses a highly sensitive catalysis based procedure. MultiTest Copper performs over 75 tests and contains a...
  • Seachem Digital Spoon Scale

    Seachem Digital Spoon Scale helps with precision dosing The new Seachem Digital Spoon Scale is a novel piece of equipment that will help take the guesswork out of dosing any...
  • Seachem Alert Combo Pack Ph And Ammonia Constant Test

    pH Alert Product Description pH Alert is a unique colour device designed to be placed in the aquarium or filter and monitor pH continuously. A sensor changes colour reversibly to...
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